Saturday, October 18, 2008

Why I Believe Detox Footbaths Work

There’s a lot of buzz out there these days about detox footpads and detox footbaths. I’m here to tell you that the work!!!!

In the past, I carried a line of detox footpads called “Acupeds” until I purchased the EB Pro Cellular Cleanse Footbath technology, which is like a week’s worth of footpads in one treatment.
This is why I believe in this detoxification treatment. The feet are a perfect place for the body to deposit toxins (especially while sleeping) and a great place to retrieve them. In Western Medicine, we recognize the Circulatory System, the Lymphatic System, the Nervous System and the Endochrine System. In the Asian medical systems, however, they also recognize the “Meridian System” … a system of communication highways beginning in the bottoms of the feet and continuing up through the body’s organs (Liver, Stomach, Kidneys/Bladders, Lungs, etc) eventually ending in the forehead/eyebrow region of the head.

These highways of communication are what Acupuncturists plug into with their placement of needles in order to unblock or stimulate energy flow and/or communication with a particular organ or body system.

With the detox footbath system, we send a “sub-threshold electrical current” up through the body by placing your feet in a tub of water with a bit of salt (to increase conductivity) and a conducting “array” made of copper and silver connected to the EB Pro battery operated computer. As this current is traveling up from the soles of your feet through the body via the meridian systems, it begins to shake things up at the cellular level along the way, encouraging the cells to “dump” their waste. These “waste” molecules are then drawn back out of the feet. Depending upon the chemical make-up of the waste molecules they are encouraged by the “ionic field” of the water to condense into clumps of different colored material. Quite a visual experience to see what comes out!!!! Liver toxins … toxins from the bladder/urinary/prostate area … heavy metals … excess acids … joint material … etc., etc., etc.,

The proof is in the effects on your body afterwards. I, personally, have experienced a severe reduction in joint pain and allergy symptoms (wahoo) but have seen clients get off their inhalers, feel more energy, reduce swelling in joints, clear the cause of bladder injections “immediately” , ward off symptoms of cold/flu … and so on.

Team this treatment up with a trip through the Infrared Spa Feng Shui capsule and I call it the “Mini Cleanser Session” … ideal for 3-4 times a year as the seasons change.

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