Thursday, June 23, 2011

Most Recent Treatment Results!!

On Sunday, June 12th, Trevor (needing to take 2 inches off his midrift for return to active duty) had his first ElectroBodySculpting treatment ... after a full session, he lost a total of 5 inches in just the first treatment!!!! 2.5 inches on his upper abdomen, 1.5 inches at the belly button level and 1 inch on his lower abdomen ... he mentioned that the feeling was like "pulling G's in a fighter jet" ... he LOVED it!!!

Yesterday, Vicky had her first Infrared Body Wrap ... she's wanting to try both treatments and had a wonderful experience with the ElectroBodySculpting last week ... totally convinced at the power and results of the ElectroBodySculpting. Her infrared wrap resulted in a full 2 lbs lost as well as 1% Body Fat!!!! She's back again today for another ElectroBodySculpting Treatment!!