Thursday, February 28, 2013

Comment after Kim's first ElectroBodySculpting Treatment:

"I hope you are having a wonderful weekend with all of this sunshine.

As per your request, I am writing to tell you what I've noticed after the EBS.  Wednesday night, I had a lot of trouble sleeping.  I was tired but also felt revved up in my body - a strange phenom.  I also had some mild aching in my upper legs and especially the left side and saddle bag.  I noticed it as I was tossing and turning throughout the night.

After the first night, I sort of felt sore-ish the next day and after that, I was fine.  I noticed my legs and stomach more just in how they felt (hard to explain).

It may sound strange, but I have a general sense of increased strength in my whole body. I have a small, thick wool area rug that is awkward and bit heavy to move with small hands.  Today I had to move it to pin my quilt.  I noticed that I was able to hold it firmly with my fingers, lift with my upper arms and shoulders, and place it on the floor without dropping it or feeling weak.  This is something I've had some difficulty with since I haven't been lifting weights or working out my muscles for some time.

I believe that everything I've been doing - wraps, protandim, decreasing sugar intake, etc., - are certainly aiding me in moving toward increased health and well-being.  The EBS is another great addition to my aresonal and I expect I will continue to get younger and younger as I purge and heal.

Thanks for having such a grand place and excellent tools to fix me up :)"

P.S.  Kim has done many InfraredBodyWraps up to this point to cleanse and prepare for the EBS.