Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cute response to my request for more information from a client who has just registered with my online scheduler and booked her first appointment "Little Black Dress Package" ... had to share:

Hi Laurie,
I just got home from shopping and dealing with the trauma of seeing my middle-aged/senior body in that darn fitting room mirror. Shopping is just not fun anymore! Anyway, it occurred to me that maybe there is a new body wrap or something out there that may help get me through the summer. Even though none of the body wraps I have received in the past seem to deliver much relief. Granted, that was many years ago but more recently (about 2 years ago) I also tried a few sessions of the infrared cellulite treatment (can’t remember the exact name) at ##### with very little success and way too expensive to continue.
So I began a search for a spa treatment to supplement my workout efforts to trim and tighten my body and reduce or get rid of my cellulite. I found your website on the internet and the more I read about your treatments the more hopeful I became! They not only sound like exactly what I need, the price is something I feel I can afford to be able continue the treatments long term. I’m really hopeful that I will be able to look at myself in my underwear and wear shorts and swimsuits again without feeling so self-conscious. Help me Laurie! J

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Just have to post this amazing testimonial!!!

Brand new client found me as a result of intense low-back pain ... had tried chiropractic, muscle relaxers via her MD, massage therapy ... someone had recommended trying an Infrared Wrap so in she came.

She had picked up her one-year-old last week and immediately went into spasm ... had to miss a week of work.

We started out with about 15 minutes of my new treatment "Medicupping" on her low back then followed it up with the IR Wrap ... her pain was greatly diminished!!!  She was AMAZED and made another appointment for 3 days later ...

Her comment (besides the pain relief) was "is it common to lose 5 lbs also doing this"??  How about that!!!!   Good stuff ...