Friday, January 16, 2009

I Was Sick for ONLY TWO Days!!!!

I just have to share with you my personal testimonial and how I used my treatments to avoid something that could have ended up being a serious "SINUS INFECTION" or, worse yet, "BRONCHITIS".

Because I've had both in the past (at least 13 years ago) I am well aware of the symptoms and the timeframe that this could have taken to get control over, not to mention GET RID OF. So I have to share with you how "I" avoided the slippery slope of being miserable for days if not weeks.

I went to bed Tuesday evening a bit congested with a slight sore throat. As the night progressed I became extremely congested and filled with sinus "phlegm". Miserable night!!! By Wednesday, this had all progressed to feelings of aching all over as well as feverish with chills. I cancelled my work day yet still came into the spa to give myself a "detox infrared body wrap" ... I started out with an internal temperature of 100 degrees and goosebumpy.

What a great treatment as I finally was warmed to the core (core temperature was raised to 101.8 degrees) and I really was sweating. I then went home, continuing to drink large amounts of "liquid Calcium Bentonite Clay" ... I was exhausted and still chilly ... took a couple of Ibuprofen at bedtime just because everything hurt so bad once again.

This night's sleep was wrought with bouts of sweating followed by chilling but I got up feeling MUCH better ... not a 100% yet, though. Once again, cancelled my work day yet came into the spa for a "Spa Feng Shui Infrared Capsule" treatment, knowing that the vibration would really help shake things up in my sinuses. What a great feeling afterwards. Things really started to move after that.

GREAT night of sleep this second evening. Here I am today, Friday, back to work and feeling almost 100%. I am presently sitting here writing this while my feet are in the "detox footbath treatment". You should see the "excess acid" that is coming out ... I have NEVER seen as much as in this day's treatment. Possibly the Bentonite Clay (9.75 on the pH scale) or the treatments I've been doing lately loosening it up but something is definitely helping to move more than normal amounts of ACID out of my system ... YIPPEE

Not only was I doing the above mentioned treatments (that I offer in my spa) but I was also a fanatic about "sinus flushing" with salt water (Highly Recommended), drinking lots of water and taking my Calcium Bentonite Clay.

In the past, head colds for me used to always end up as either a full-blown Sinus Infection or Bronchitis. Once again, though, I have sped this process up and eliminated the "consequence" by using the treatments I offer ... you can see why I believe in them so much.