Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kim just left my spa after her first Infrared Body Wrap ... great comments ... excited about doing more for sure:

"I felt pretty good leaving your office.  I noticed I felt happy and had some energy.  At Whole Foods, folks were looking at me - which doesn't happen much these days (I'm usually more inside myself when I shop).  I found myself smiling at them and paid attention long enought to see them smiling back.  I had a nice chat with the cashier and the bagger (ladies) and felt pretty perky.

I even had a conversation with my mom without getting irritated.

Thank you for your work in the world!  It is amazing :)"

Lisa had her very first ElectroBodySculpting session last Saturday and has booked many more ... look what she wrote to me:

With:  EBS - #1
Notes:  Laurie, it's a miracle, wait till you see the results in one session!!  Soo smooth, I don't see any cellulite!

Pretty cool, huh.

Friday, August 24, 2012

I just started reading a new book (to me) "Cancer IS NOT a Disease ... it's a survival Mechanism ... Discover Cancer's Hidden Purpose, Heal its Root Causes, and be Healthier than Ever" ... WOW ... I can't highlight enough paragraphs as it is almost word-for-word my belief about Cancer ... how it is created, it's purpose, and how we can heal ourselves!!!  Let me start with one quote:

"Cancer does not cause a person to be sick; it is the sickness of the person that causes the cancer." ...    More to come
I just had to post this comment sent to me the "Morning After" her 1.5 hr Ashiatsu treatment for intense back pain:

"You are a miracle worker.  My back feels bruised and sore, but underneath, energy is freely flowing.  This is the best I've felt in months, in spite of the external pain.  What a relief.  I woke up this morning feeling so loved.  And inspired to say prayers and do a little meditation.  That hasn't happened for quite a while.  I am so grateful for you :)" ... KimE

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Treated Kimberly today (Intel worker with 3-day Migrane) ... she booked herself for a 1 hr massage but we decided to give the EBS machine a try for 30 minutes followed by 30 minutes of massage.  WOW, she felt the electrode placement was "spot ON" and could feel the stimulation from her shoulders all the way to the back of the eye where the migrane had settled ... she loved the treatment and we both decided this was her recipe for the future.
Great results for "Iron Man" athelete in training ...  Bob has been plagued with an old achilles tendon injury for years ... he sampled a little of the ElectroBodySculpting that his wife has been doing with me for months and was impressed enough to give it a try himself.  He was quite the skeptic before feeling the machine on himself, let me tell you.  I have been seeing him now about every 2-3 weeks and he seems to be seeing resulsts ... below is a recent email from him.

"Hi Laurie, hope you are doing well.

I wanted to let you know that I am continuing to find some of my lost go-power. I am pretty sure that the treatment combined with common-sense on my part is doing some good as I got down into the 7:30 per mile pace this last weekend. I haven’t been able to stay healthy long enough to get my pace down into the 7’s for some time now so I think the results are speaking for themselves."

Cool huh!!!