Friday, November 14, 2008

Calcium Bentonite Clay - WOW!!!

"I was a skeptic at first - EAT DIRT?? ... You have got to be kidding!" Quote from "Living Clay . Nature's Own Miracle Cure - Calcium Bentonite Clay"

As you can tell, I like to keep things SIMPLE ... clay is volcanic ash.

The ionic charge of pure, natural Calcium Bentonite Clay is "negative".

Most everything that attacks our bodies (bacterial, viral, fungi, diseases, toxic chemicals, etc.) is of a "positive" charge.

The beauty of LIVING CLAY is that it is blind ... it's only function is to draw to itself "positively charged molecules" which it holds like a magnet, both internally and externally, until we wash them from our bodies or pass them out.

The natural pH of Calcium Bentonite Clay is 9.3 to 9.7 ... one of the greatest blessings you could do for your health would be to increase your pH level from the acidic side (below 6.5) to the alkaline side of the pH scale (7.0 or higher). Bacteria, yeast, candida, virus and ,yes, even Cancer cells cannot survive in a balanced pH system!!

It is interesting to note the most effective form of Calcium Bentonite Clay consists of 3 primary minerals:

Silica- 40%
Calcium- 28%
Magnesium- 12%

It is no coincidence that in the human body the three most common minerals are as follows:

Silica- 42%
Calcium- 28%
Magnesium- 12%

Living Clay virtually replicates the Living Body in its mineral composition.

Shortly, I will be designing and offering detoxification/purification treatments using "Calcium Bentonite Clay" (aka Living Clay) as both topical and internal treatments in my practice. More to come on this

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Drinking Enough Water Yet??

Just a couple of quick check points to help you know if, in fact, you "are" drinking enough water each day ...

#1 We should drink 1/2 of our body's weight in ounces each day as a minimum ... i.e., 140 lbs should be consuming 70 ounces of water (above and beyond other beverages remember!!)

#2 Check the quality of your urine when you use the bathroom:

A "well-hydrated" person's urine is colorless

A "dehydrated" person's urine is yellowish

And a "truly dehydrated person's urine is ORANGE!!!

The best times to drink water are:

#1 One glass a 1/2 hour before each meal (i.e., breakfast, lunch, dinner)

#2 Another glass 2.5 hours after each meal

#3 Two more glasses should be taken before going to bed.

Just this practice alone gives you "8" glasses of water daily ... please adjust for your body weight.

More to come ....

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Unintentional Chronic Dehydration (UCD)

Water ... Water ... Everywhere ...

You're possibly not SICK at all ... You might just be THIRSTY!!!!

Our bodies, believe it or not, have "drought-management systems" in place ... when under stress your body translates this as a crisis and goes into water-regulation mode. Water rationing begins to take place ... water-distribution "instructions" remain in place until the body receives unmistakable signals that it has once more gained access to an adequate water supply.

One of the most unavoidable processes in the body-water rationing phase is the ruthlessness by which water is administered ... each body part receives it's allotted ration "based upon it's functional importance ... with the brain having absolute priority above all other systems".

Our most common mistake is in thinking that tea, coffee, alcohol and soda-like beverages can substitute for water needs in our bodies ... It is true these beverages contain water, but most of them also contain dehydrating substances, such as caffeine.

When you drink coffee, tea, or even beer, your body gets rid of more water than is contained in the drink!!!!!!

If you measure your urine volume after these beverages, you will see you have passed more urine than the volume of what you were drinking.

When "chronic dehydration" sets in the body turns on it's reserves .. but as time passes and the reserves are running low, the organ or part of the body with the most severe shortage begins to put out signals of the inability to work properly.

These signals are most often treated with highly potent chemical products because many doctors are not educated about the symptoms of dehydration and the importance of the fluid in the body.

Many doctors mistake dehydration for one or another disease and treat the symptoms with medications rather than water (and in many cases, increasing the degree of dehydration by inhibiting the water-management properties of "histamines")

Just one more thing to think about ...

The water level/hydration is not like the gas tank in the car ... where when it's empty you just FILL IT UP and all is OK ... we have to consistently hydrate (drink 2 glasses of water every few hours) ... not try to fill up all at once and then go for hours or days without any more.

More coming later!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Why I Believe Detox Footbaths Work

There’s a lot of buzz out there these days about detox footpads and detox footbaths. I’m here to tell you that the work!!!!

In the past, I carried a line of detox footpads called “Acupeds” until I purchased the EB Pro Cellular Cleanse Footbath technology, which is like a week’s worth of footpads in one treatment.
This is why I believe in this detoxification treatment. The feet are a perfect place for the body to deposit toxins (especially while sleeping) and a great place to retrieve them. In Western Medicine, we recognize the Circulatory System, the Lymphatic System, the Nervous System and the Endochrine System. In the Asian medical systems, however, they also recognize the “Meridian System” … a system of communication highways beginning in the bottoms of the feet and continuing up through the body’s organs (Liver, Stomach, Kidneys/Bladders, Lungs, etc) eventually ending in the forehead/eyebrow region of the head.

These highways of communication are what Acupuncturists plug into with their placement of needles in order to unblock or stimulate energy flow and/or communication with a particular organ or body system.

With the detox footbath system, we send a “sub-threshold electrical current” up through the body by placing your feet in a tub of water with a bit of salt (to increase conductivity) and a conducting “array” made of copper and silver connected to the EB Pro battery operated computer. As this current is traveling up from the soles of your feet through the body via the meridian systems, it begins to shake things up at the cellular level along the way, encouraging the cells to “dump” their waste. These “waste” molecules are then drawn back out of the feet. Depending upon the chemical make-up of the waste molecules they are encouraged by the “ionic field” of the water to condense into clumps of different colored material. Quite a visual experience to see what comes out!!!! Liver toxins … toxins from the bladder/urinary/prostate area … heavy metals … excess acids … joint material … etc., etc., etc.,

The proof is in the effects on your body afterwards. I, personally, have experienced a severe reduction in joint pain and allergy symptoms (wahoo) but have seen clients get off their inhalers, feel more energy, reduce swelling in joints, clear the cause of bladder injections “immediately” , ward off symptoms of cold/flu … and so on.

Team this treatment up with a trip through the Infrared Spa Feng Shui capsule and I call it the “Mini Cleanser Session” … ideal for 3-4 times a year as the seasons change.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sweatin' Is a Good Thing!!

In this modern environment of controlled spaces (air conditioned or heated homes/cars/offices) our bodies get a bit lazy and soon forget how to SWEAT!!

Did you realize that, for the most part, our bodies only have 4 ways to eliminate toxic materials (heavy metals, preservatives, partially hydrogenated oils, food colorings, chlorine, etc, etc, etc) from our bodies: BOWEL MOVEMENTS, URINE, EXHALING and, yes, SWEATING!!

"Give me the power to create a fever and I shall cure any disease" said Hippocrates, Father of Modern Medicine.

If you think about it, almost all of the ancient peoples had "sweating rituals" both for purification of the body as well as the soul. Very powerful stuff.

I am an extreme fan of "infrared" heat for sweating as infrared heats your body from the core out (sort of like microwave ... not really, though) ... the result is that we create a FEVER ... really revving up the circulatory system and the lymphatic system ... revving up the metabolism and burning fat as the body turns on its' fat reserves to create more energy to try to cool the body down.

"They" say that a 30-minute infrared treatment is comparable to a "SIX-TO-NINE MILE RUN" ....

The sweat that your body produces in any infrared sauna-type setting (even my infrared body wrap system) is "SEVEN TIMES MORE CONCENTRATED" with toxic material including cholesterol, sodium, heavy metals, preservatives, food colorings, etc., than any other kind of perspiration you could produce ... Seven times!!!!!!

Something to think about for sure ... get out and SWEAT a little and help your body out a LOT!!

K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple, Stupid

Well, here's a good place to start with my beliefs on health and the absence of health, dis-ease. I have to believe that we (our society) have made being healthy and having a sense of what's going on in our bodies WAY TOO COMPLICATED!!!

So, here's what I know and what I believe ...

The human body is absolutely perfect!!!!! It is able to cleanse itself, naturally, if given half a chance. It's also able to go long beyond when a machine would break down and that's the biggest problem we have ... we don't listen to the subtle hints that something just isn't right.

Most of us wait until we are knocked down flat on our backs before we start to listen to our bodies.

What does our body have to do to get our attention!!!

We eat poorly, don't get enough sleep, and we certainly don't breathe deeply enough. Most of us don't even drink enough water to help the body flush on a daily basis the toxins we are bombarded with.

They say, if we just slept a minimum of 8 hours nightly, drank at least 1/2 of our body weight in water daily and took deep, relaxing breaths often to oxygenate our blood we could ward off most diseases (including CANCER, mind you) ... now HOW SIMPLE IS THAT!!!!!

No fancy regime ... no expensive diet/exercise program ... just air-water-rest ...

Again, the body is equipped with everything it needs to carry us through this wonderful life for, some believe, at least 120 years!!!!

Here's to the good life!!!!!