Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kim just left my spa after her first Infrared Body Wrap ... great comments ... excited about doing more for sure:

"I felt pretty good leaving your office.  I noticed I felt happy and had some energy.  At Whole Foods, folks were looking at me - which doesn't happen much these days (I'm usually more inside myself when I shop).  I found myself smiling at them and paid attention long enought to see them smiling back.  I had a nice chat with the cashier and the bagger (ladies) and felt pretty perky.

I even had a conversation with my mom without getting irritated.

Thank you for your work in the world!  It is amazing :)"

Lisa had her very first ElectroBodySculpting session last Saturday and has booked many more ... look what she wrote to me:

With:  EBS - #1
Notes:  Laurie, it's a miracle, wait till you see the results in one session!!  Soo smooth, I don't see any cellulite!

Pretty cool, huh.