Thursday, October 30, 2008

Drinking Enough Water Yet??

Just a couple of quick check points to help you know if, in fact, you "are" drinking enough water each day ...

#1 We should drink 1/2 of our body's weight in ounces each day as a minimum ... i.e., 140 lbs should be consuming 70 ounces of water (above and beyond other beverages remember!!)

#2 Check the quality of your urine when you use the bathroom:

A "well-hydrated" person's urine is colorless

A "dehydrated" person's urine is yellowish

And a "truly dehydrated person's urine is ORANGE!!!

The best times to drink water are:

#1 One glass a 1/2 hour before each meal (i.e., breakfast, lunch, dinner)

#2 Another glass 2.5 hours after each meal

#3 Two more glasses should be taken before going to bed.

Just this practice alone gives you "8" glasses of water daily ... please adjust for your body weight.

More to come ....

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