Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Unintentional Chronic Dehydration (UCD)

Water ... Water ... Everywhere ...

You're possibly not SICK at all ... You might just be THIRSTY!!!!

Our bodies, believe it or not, have "drought-management systems" in place ... when under stress your body translates this as a crisis and goes into water-regulation mode. Water rationing begins to take place ... water-distribution "instructions" remain in place until the body receives unmistakable signals that it has once more gained access to an adequate water supply.

One of the most unavoidable processes in the body-water rationing phase is the ruthlessness by which water is administered ... each body part receives it's allotted ration "based upon it's functional importance ... with the brain having absolute priority above all other systems".

Our most common mistake is in thinking that tea, coffee, alcohol and soda-like beverages can substitute for water needs in our bodies ... It is true these beverages contain water, but most of them also contain dehydrating substances, such as caffeine.

When you drink coffee, tea, or even beer, your body gets rid of more water than is contained in the drink!!!!!!

If you measure your urine volume after these beverages, you will see you have passed more urine than the volume of what you were drinking.

When "chronic dehydration" sets in the body turns on it's reserves .. but as time passes and the reserves are running low, the organ or part of the body with the most severe shortage begins to put out signals of the inability to work properly.

These signals are most often treated with highly potent chemical products because many doctors are not educated about the symptoms of dehydration and the importance of the fluid in the body.

Many doctors mistake dehydration for one or another disease and treat the symptoms with medications rather than water (and in many cases, increasing the degree of dehydration by inhibiting the water-management properties of "histamines")

Just one more thing to think about ...

The water level/hydration is not like the gas tank in the car ... where when it's empty you just FILL IT UP and all is OK ... we have to consistently hydrate (drink 2 glasses of water every few hours) ... not try to fill up all at once and then go for hours or days without any more.

More coming later!!!

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