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What if we're not FAT? (or even SICK?) ... "Solid Bloat"
Medicupping (or Massage Cupping) for Detoxification, Body Cleansing and Contouring
(excerpts from Blog by Anita Shannon)

"Let's take a look at the formation of Solid Bloat in the body and some of it's causes.  The physical formation of the deposits is simple; heat from inflamed tissue slowly dehydrates the surrounding lymph, which inhibits any further drainage.  Fascia fuses together from the heat and the congestion spreads through the upper tissues and skin surface.  This inflammation can come from a myriad of sources such as surgeries, injuries, chronic movement patters, and even childhood diseases and exposure to toxicities ... resulting in unidentified allergies.

The surprise for so many people is that they have chronic conditions that may have been caused by something so long ago in their life, such as being exposed to excessive cigarette smoke as a child.  There is a whole group of us that grew up in the 40's - 70's and had to endure our parents smoking in the house and the car.  As the cups move over the back, a grey color can be seen under the skin, and if a cup is parked for even a short time, the discoloration may stay visible after the treatment.  The chronic heat in the lungs ... from childhood ... inflames and dehydrates the surrounding tissue and body fluids.

The epidural insertion point can often still be seen on women who gave birth over 25 years ago and can frequently be a source of restriction that has spread throughout the back. 

One student, 29, experienced her skin turning very yellow after the first day of class (training workshop).  There seemed to be no reasonable explanation until she called her mother and found out that she had been severely jaundiced as a baby.  She then shared with the class that she had always had problems bending forward because of a "catch" in the lower right ribs.  Her class partner worked that day over her liver and the student finally discovered the freedom of movements that most of us normally enjoy.

Some clients can experience a light "burning" sensation or itching as old toxins in the tissues are stimulated, and heavy discolorations can appear on the skin from old surgeries and injuries.  Any old residue in the congested lymph can trigger the immune system and it is important to dredge and drain the tissues slowly in those who already live with auto-immune disorders and degenerative diseases.  But what an amazing benefit for those conditions ... to drain out the thick congestion that can be filled with a large volume of immune system irritants!

What impact could we have on those who are recovering from addictions?  If the Solid Bloat on these people contains a large residue of their addictive substance, it would be extremely beneficial to drain out the congestion and remove the triggers for cell receptors. 

Examining the natural body reaction to injury or illness, we find that the cycle is consistent.  Injury or illness occurs and the body creates inflammation, which brings increased blood flow to the area.  This also draws fluids and immune system elements into the region to deal with the condition.  The PH shifts to acid and the tissue takes on a positive charge polarity.  Adequate recovery will allow the body to shift back to a negative charge in the tissue and an alkaline PH when healing is complete. 

The problem is that very few people actually give the body any recovery time. 

Therefore, the affected area or system stays in the acid PH with a positive charge and never shifts back to healthy tissue.  This can continue for life in the body!  Inflammation continues and dehydrates the tissue and lymph.  The toxins and debris from the immune system response become trapped in the congestion and the issue becomes chronic.

So how does vacuum therapy work to eliminate Solid Bloat and open drainage in the body?  The biggest impact is on the lymphatic system:  the vacuum will open and create space, release old scars and fascias adhesions to create unimpeded drainage, and aid in decongestion of the lymph in tissues.  As the cup glides over the skin and underlying tissue, the vacuum, should open the flaps of the lymph in a wave-like motion.  This can help to dislodge trapped protein molecules that may have been blocking an open flapp and gently triggers the entire lymphatic system. 

Vacuum therapies use "vascular dilation" to bring heat to the area and "liquefy" the old lymph for easy movement, and use the same vascular dilation to eliminate the latent inflammation from the tissue ... stopping the cycle. 

These techniques also assist in changing the PH and the polarity of the tissue to create a healthy environment and allow healing.  This can affect even very old injuries and finally free the tissue or joint to function at optimal levels.

Consider a person who cannot lose weight, whether slightly overweight to clinically obese and undergoing surgical procedures.  What a gift to their self esteem finally find out that some of the problem has been Solid Bloat.  

What a great treatment for a client to have old C-section scars comfortably released, and the restored lymph flow to the upper inguinal nodes significantly diminishing the large belly that she had carried around for years.  The best possible adjunct therapy for Bariatric surgeries is a series of Medicupping session to open the lymphatic system, dredge and drain old congestion and move it out to be eliminated.   When working on a client who has lost a large amount of weight, it is so rewarding to move a large "saddlebag" from one leg and have them stand up to compare the difference!

These kinds of results, and educating the client on how they may have come to be in the shape they are in, seem to offer a sense of relief to many.  It appears to lift some blame that they have placed on themselves as to why they have cellulite when they have a healthy lifestyle ... or why they have gained more and more weight over the years.  Viewing their body and tissues throught the cup offers insight into the history of their body experiences and how these have affected their current health."

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