Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Amazing work today on my own body
Old Shin Splints

Just had to share a little tidbit about the Medicupping ... decided to work on my own body a bit while I had a break ... started working on my legs, starting with my knees ... realized some tight spots around the knee cap and the insertion point of the IT band ... then worked up the IT band on both thighs (eeek ... contributes to a lot of knee and hip problems) ... funny how during the work I could remember feelings in this part of my leg going WAY BACK .. tightness when I used to ride horses, sking and even dancing.
Then I went down to my ankle and started working the outside of the calve  ... aha .. there it was ... the source of the old outer calve/shin tightness that has stopped me for years from running or doing Jazzersize classes ... I would say this goes back to the 70's ... would ALWAYS get shin splints after about 2 weeks of that kind of activity ... I've been told many times that it was as a result of calve muscles that are too tight ... could never find the spot until TODAY!!!!   Wallah ... keep you posted!!!!

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