Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Monique's Results Are Off the Charts

I met and started working with Monique last week.  She's wanting to add to her workout routine and diet to start seeing better results and to feel better about herself.  So ... she booked the "Little Black Dress" package (Infrared Body Wrap and ElectroBodySculpting) for her first package.  The next day she was ecstatic ... asking if it was normal for people to lose 5 lbs and feel so incredible all over (she's not much over 5 feet tall so that's a lot).   We are now on a twice weekly program for the ElectroBodySculpting and she has just informed me that she has not "eaten in her sleep" now for 2 nights (this is a disorder that is apparently a result of deep stress/trauma where someone will walk in their sleep to the kitchen and cook and eat an entire meal without waking up ... in her case causing 30 lb weight increase in a year's time) ... we're not sure if the treatments are the cause of this but there are so many aspects that are changing for her (not only her body) that I wouldn't be surprised at all!!!!!

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